Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New arrivals!

Good Morning!

How is everyone!

Well two of our new arrivals shall be arriving today and they are two..... Guinea Pigs!
We are all VERY excited! They shall available for viewing and handling later on this week!

I have attatched a few pictures, but the two little ones are just the start of our plans!

So make sure you keep up-to-date on our twitter page!

**************REMEMBER OPEN 10AM-4PM TODAY!***************

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Apologies on behalf of the goats!

We would like to apologise if you have visited us today expecting to see our wonderful Trio of Pygmy Goats, unfortunately Pygmy goats hate cold, wet and windy weather! They are currently tucked up in their little stable enjoying some yummy grub! If you missed them, please pop back on a warmer day and I'm sure they will be more than happy to see you!


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Apologies and Updates!

Hello to you all,

Many apologies for lack of both Blog and Twitter updates of late, the updater has been off work and therefore was unsure on what to update upon!

Now to the newest updates... our Wonderful sheep have been sheared and can now feel that "summer" breeze! I'm sure they would be more than grateful for a 50p food bag from you, as would the Pygmy goats, collect yours from the tuck shop!

We are planning many wonderful changes at the Adventure playground including some new additions, some new Partnerships with some fantastic places and a little re-furb! But please don't panic the farm and the playground will both be open throughout! We shall be keeping you updated as changes happen so keep and eye on this blog and our Twitter page http://twitter.com/#!/BlaconCityFarm .

As you all know, our chickens need rotation each year, so as with last year we shall have fresh chickens for sale from 28th August, We shall only have around 10 so make sure you get there Quickly.. a large chicken shall be priced at £3.50 so a massive bargain compare with supermarkets... and you know your chicken has had a wonderful life.

Don't forget we also sell eggs £2.50 per dozen or £1.50 per half dozen, all large and free range!

All there is left to say is


Monday, 1 August 2011

Good Morning everyone,
apologies for not posting very often last week. We have been extremely busy here at Blacon City Farm, in the coming weeks we shall be making lots of wonderful changes for you all to enjoy... Including new animals, vegetable patches and a farm shop! Our twitter page is @blaconcityfarm follow us to keep up with all the news and latest gossip!

On a fabulous note our horse Bernard has settled in rather well at his new home and has even become a bit of a ladies man! :o)

our donkeys Blossom and Mario are also doing wonderfully well in their new Orchard, if you wish to see them they now live at Kirkland House in Saughall and their new owner Karen is more than happy for you to visit!

Hope to see you soon!

Monday, 25 July 2011


After our extremely sad week last week, here at Blacon City farm and Adventure Playground we are now determined to make everyone happy and aware that we are here!

We have come to a decision that not only should the children be more involved, but also that we need a wider range of animals, giving children many different experiences!

so this is where you come in.... WE NEED YOU!

we need some ideas of other animals which you would like to see at Blacon city farm and Adventure Playground!

you can post of our twitter page http://twitter.com/#!/BlaconCityFarm

or you can comment under here!

If you have any other comments/suggestions/ideas you can also post those!



Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A sad day in Blacon.

It is with a heavy heart that I write to announce the death of our 18 year old female donkey,


She passed away this morning.

She joins brother Pedro, who passed away in February, this year.

The team wish to express their absoloute shock and sadness.

It is too soon, to comment on the circumstances of her death, but a post mortem, shall be arranged as soon as possible.

The adventure playground and farm, shall be open as usual tomorrow from 10am.

Please feel free to bring photos of Domino, as We shall be creating a memory board.

Friday, 8 July 2011

It's the weekend!

Hello there!

Well it's now the weekend "and what does that mean?" I hear you all ask...

Well that means we are open from 10am until 8pm in the evening!

So you have NO excuse not to come down and visit!
We have donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens and ducklings all waiting to see you! (or looking forward to being fed by some of you with food bags from 50p each)

It has been wet over the last couple of days but tomorrow it is forecast to be sunshine - if its hot remember suncream is essential!

See you all there